Thursday, 24 December 2009

Something for the New Year: Trading Trail

Throughout 2010 I am intending to maintain a brand new blog, the Trading Trail.

The idea of the new blog is to start with an initial deposit of
£1000 in a clean-slate spread betting account, and to see how much I can grow it by the end of the year. I'll be going out on a limb by posting my real-life trades -- restrospectively, so don't try to follow me in real time -- with commentary.

I conducted a similar, more limited, demonstration in 2009 for my
Stop Orders book; in this case managing to grow an initial £300-ish deposit to more than £9000 (that's > 3000%) in six months!

Nothing is certain in trading, and maybe
the markets can stay irrational longer than I can stay solvent in this new account. Let's find out!

Tony Loton.

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