Saturday, 15 August 2009

2600% in 23 weeks!

I've been a little quiet on this one recently. Well, what do you expect with the markets having 'corrected' after the March-to-May bull run? Normal service has now been resumed, and my example spread betting portfolio has reached another new high to show a total 2600% increase (from £300 starting equity) in only 23 weeks!

You can see the full transcript in the table below:

(Note that I have withdrawn a total of £3000 over the period, which for consistency I have added back in to the Total Net Equity figure as though it was still present but having never grown nor shrunk since withdrawal)

Don't forget that some of the techniques of using stop orders, pyramiding and leverage are documented in my forthcoming book on Stop Orders.

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  1. Very informative..
    Specially I like your way of information in the table format.