Saturday, 30 May 2009

2000% in only 12 weeks!

Although I ended the experiment officially after 9 weeks in order to meet the deadline for my Stop Orders book, I did run this example spread betting portfolio for a little while longer so that at 12 weeks it was showing a cumulative percentage increase of almost 2000% (having peaked above that level in week 10).

Note that I withdrew £2,500 when the experiment concluded in week 9. In subsequent weeks (above) I have added this amount to the Net Equity figure as though it was never withdrawn.

As noted in my original posting, this performance was achieved through a combination of good stop placement and good position sizing coupled with aggressive pyramiding and leverage. Not for the faint hearted!


  1. We may have a few things in common- I like binary bets and options. Get rich slow is my motto.

  2. I would love to contact you regarding your investing strategy. Please advise...

  3. To Anonymous who wanted contact details...

    You can email

  4. Megustodiner says-
    Yes may I contact you
    Mr. LOTONtech as well?